Free Cyber Security Webcasts Reveal...
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We have split our Cybersecurity talk into THREE FREE webinars.  
No sales BS, all education and treats, to boot!

October 15th, 1:00 PM  (75-90 Minutes)
>How Cybercrime is a BILLION dollar industry.
> Why your firm could be in danger from hackers.
> All about Ransomware and Phishing.
> Offensive and Defensive security measures.

October 22nd, 1:00 PM (60 Minute Presentation)
> Quick Overview and additional Q&A.
> Coming to terms with Cyber Security Terms.
> About that Cyber Liability Insurance.
>Cyber response planning.
>Cybersecurity self-assessment.

October 29th, 1:00 PM (90 Minutes Which Will Fly By)
>Quick Overview
>Real life examples.
>LIVE Hacking Demo

You have likely heard the term "Dark Web". Once through the webinars, you will know what it really means and that it is how hacked, phished and stolen credentials are typically traded.  You need to know if your credentials have already been exposed and are up for sale.  A Dark Web scan is how we can determine if your company may already be in danger.  Companies that complete the webinar will receive a FREE Dark Web Scan, our Halloween treat!  

Did you know that your employees are the biggest cyber threat to your business but with training, they can switch from a threat to your front-line protection.  Five randomly selected companies will receive FREE cybersecurity training for your employees for 1 FULL year (up to 100 employees, all using the same email domain.)  

Webinar #1 - October 15th
Webinar #2 - October 22nd
Webinar #3 - October 29th

@ 1:00PM EST

Ron Trotto

CEO, Cyber Security Expert
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